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One Piece SPOILERS Capitolo 1081

One Piece Capitolo Spoiler, ワンピース Spoiler, One Piece Raw

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Versione ENG:

Chapter 1,081: "10th Ship Captain: Kuzan".

Color Spread in the cover. We can see Straw Hat crew sleeping with bubbles floating above them.

Chapter starts where last one ended. Kuzan appears and frozes Hibari, Koby runs to help her. Then Kuzan
goes to face Garp (the other Blackbeard Pirates are not with him).

Kuzan: "Will you be able to kill your former "No.1 apprentice" to save your current one!?
I like how you always have done whatever you liked... Now I'm doing the same, that's why I'm following Teach!!"

Garp: "I thought I taught you to live in the present!!"

A flashback about Teach and Kuzan starts, it took place in a certain island 1 year after Kuzan Vs. Akainu
battle in Punk Hazard.

Part of the Blackbeard Pirates arrive to the island and they see some of their nakamas frozen (San Juan Wolf,
Vasco Shot and Doc Q). Blackbeard Pirates enter in a bar and see Kuzan, then they drink and get along.

Lafitte whispers Teach to kill Kuzan and take his power for the crew. Kuzan hears it and gets angry, ready
to fight against them. But Teach apologizes for Lafitte's words and offers Kuzan to join him instead.

Teach asks Kuzan about “the man with the burn scar" because it seems that man has the remaining Road
Poneglyph. It is said that “the man with the burn scar" rides on a black ship and he can create whirlpools to
sink his enemies in the sea (we can see the silhouette of a ship while both talk about him).

Shiryu: "Maybe that “man with the burn scar" works for World Government. It won't be a surprise if World Government keeps one Road Poneglyph with them to prevent pirates can reach One Piece.'

Kuzan denies knowing anything about that man.

Kuzan: "Umm... Maybe I'm that man!! Seriously, my only memories about Poneglyph are at Ohara. If I'd have seen a red stone there, I'd have remembered it..."

Flashback ends, Garp Vs. Kuzan continues. Kuzan uses his attack "Ice Ball" on Garp (like he did with Whitebeard in Marineford). But Garp breaks the ice easily.

Then Garp grabs Kuzan's head and uses a new attack.

Garp: "Those who hesitate are weak!! "Blue Hole" - Kanji mean "Fall to Seafloor")!!!"

Garp smashes Kuzan's body and splits the ground with his fist. Kuzan's entire body fall into the ground.

Cut to Winner Island, Law has been defeated. Teach is panting with blood on his face, he's deciding what he
should do now.

Teach: "Zehahaha!! What should I do with his power!? Should I use it or... Maybe should I sell his power!?"

Bepo sees what is happening with his captain. Bepo then takes a special medicine that Chopper gave him.
This medicine lets Bepo turn to Sulong form. Bepo looks badass in Sulong form, he's like a huge polar bear.
We can see Bepo Sulong in one full page panel.

Bepo attacks Teach before he can steal Law's power. Then Bepo takes Law into the sea. In a huge spread,
we can see that "Polar Tang" has been destroyed and the rest of the Heart Pirates are in the sea or lying on
the ground...

Narrator: "At Winner Island in the New World... The pirate Trafalgar Law and his Heart Pirates have been “defeated"!!"

End of the chapter. Break next week for Japanese Golden Week (full Shonen Jump magazine won't be


Chapter 1081 - "Kuzan, Captain of the 10th ship of the Blackbeard Pirates"
The battleship is gonna crash down!
(sfx of garp's feet slamming)

Curse that Garp!
That geezer! He'll pay for this!
Don't move, pirate scum!
(gun cocking sfx)
[watermark] any further!

I can't accept this... Sigh...
It's absolutely...
...gotten weaker...!
Quit the jokes!
Vice-Admiral Garp!
Hey, Koby. So you're safe!
Koby's [watermark]

(Kujaku) That was overkill. You're a bad boy, Garp...
(Grus) To Garp-san, his Navy apprentice, Koby [watermark]
(Kujaku) [watermark] you should do things like this in secret. That sort of sheltered upbringing is adorable!
(marines in top left) Koby!
Captain Koby!
(Koby?) Huh? Tashigi-san!
All these people came who aren't even in "SWORD"!
(Hibari) Vice-Admiral Garp! Koby-senpai's ankle shackles won't come off, and we're at our wits' end!
If you can do something about that, or --

Huh? Hibari-san?!
What are you doing! Please [watermark]
Wow! it's Aokiji!
Captain Kuzan!
That's no good, Koby... Can't have you running away while Teach isn't here...!

(Two Years earlier - There was a great conflict between the Admirals Akainu and Aokiji over who would take the seat of the next Fleet Admiral of Navy HQ. And one year after that...)
Hey! What happened here?!
Uwah! It's Blackbeard! Get away from [cropped off-image]
(A certain island in the New World)
Who did this! No, I don't need to ask. There's only one person...
...Who could pull this off, am I right?!
And that's you...! "Aokiji"!
(bottom right panel) My crewmates out front [watermark]
Undo your powers!
......So loud...
The Gura Gura power [watermark]
(Aokiji panel) You... should understand if you're the captain.
Do you really think I was the one who started it? And besides, as I'm sure you're aware...
On top of being "heartbroken" over things...
I'm on edge right now. Picture for yourself who was in the wrong here.

Zeehaahahahahahaha! You really can hold your liquor, ya popsicle!
Same goes for you, filthy brute! Dahahahahahahahahaha!
There's not enough sake!
So then what did Akainu say next?!
"When it comes time for contemporaries to battle to the death... The hotter [watermark]
But you're magma! (TN: can't figure the punchline without the missing part)
And look at the result! I only have one leg! Normally I make up for it with ice.
Gyaaah! So this is what happens when two admirals go at it!
What about Akainu?! Didja pluck off one of his armrs or somethin'?
No, but he must have been wounded all over.

(Devon) Murunfuffu <3 Speaking of wounds, you think this guy knows about the "burn scar"?
(Aokiji) Burn scar?
(Burgess) There's four precious red "poneglyphs" somewhere in the world. Out of those, two of them...
are held by Kaidou and Big Mom, or so they say.
(Blackbeard) There's two others...! We can't find 'em! But one of them...
It's said the "burn scar" [watermark]
(Aokiji) Maybe that's me.
(Vasco) But you're just fresh off getting yours!
Tooopu topu topu topu!
(Lafitte) Hohoho... -That- man rides a pitch black ship... There was something about how it engulfs enemy ships in a giant maelstrom if they get close!
It may be an ability user...
(Shiryuu) I'm of the belief that it's someone from the government. The truth is, the World Government is real shady deep down. If they held onto one of the stones...
The pirates wouldn't be able to reach the One Piece.

(Aokiji) The "poneglyphs"... My memories of those aren't pleasant...
If I saw such a conspicuous red stone at Ohara, I'd never forget it. All I remember is my "friend" who bared fangs at the government, and...
...the pitifully sad eyes of a girl whose fate lay in my hands.
(Burgess) What's up with that lame story!
(Lafitte) Commodore... What shall we do? Stealing that man's ability would be a considerable benefit to our combat strength...!
I heard that, you scum! Do all of you want a visit to a world of ice?!
Now that you mention it, [watermark]
Hold it, Kuzan!
I apologize, my crewmate went and said something stupid!
I have no intention of doing such a thing! In fact...

How about you board my ship?!
Huuuh?! Captain, are you crazy!
You're basically jobless now, aren't you?! You have any leads? Any idea what you're going to do from now on?! You were driven out by "justice"!
The justice in our world is different!
(Aokiji) Don't be stupid!
You think just because we had fun with a few drinks...
...that I can trust you of all people? There's no way!
Hey, hey!
When you're a pirate...!
As long as your interests match, that's good enough!
You have your freedom now, don't you...
What do you want to do?!

Kuzan! Return Hibari to normal!
And let Koby go!
Come back to the Navy!
(Kuzan) As always, you always say everything that's on your mind. But I can't grant any of those wishes, Garp-san.
"Ice Ball!"
(marine) Vice-Admiral Garp!
(Kuzan) I really like that part of you. I'm also currently [watermark]
(Blackbeard Pirates, 10th ship captain, Kuzan)
In order to save [watermark]... Can you kill your number one pupil?!
(Garp) Don't get tied down, you idiot! I thought I taught you to "live in the now"!

Uwaaah, It didn't work!
You listening, Kuzan?!
Those who hesitate...
...Are weak!
"Hole!" (TN: written as, Falling to the bottom of the sea)

(The New World, "Winner Island")
(The Heart Pirates submarine...)
(...The Polar Tang is sunk...)
Zehahaha! Once you lose your ship...
You can't call yourself a pirate crew anymore!
You've got no way to run either!
The 100 pirates whose hearts you stole at Rocky Port... even now they are living in fear on Pirate Island! When I bring your heart back with me, they'll raise a glass in celebration! (TN: part of this line is visible without watermark in an earlier scan)
(Bepo) Did you really make it for me?!
(Chopper) I can't guarantee at all that it'll go right, okay?
(munching sfx)

Well then! I'm conflicted, should I -sell- the Ope Ope no Mi, or should I -use- it...
Can it even make me immortal?!
Don't you dare...
...Touch the Captain!
Achohhh! (martial arts noise)
It can't be! The moon isn't even out?!

(At Winner Island in the New World...)
Damn! He escaped to the sea!
(...along with their leader, Trafalgar Law...)
(panting sfx)
Go back... Beppo...!
(panting sfx) We can't leave our crew behind...!
I won't go back! Believe in them, Captain! [watermark] raised in the cold harbors of the north!
We've gotten through everything, together!
So, you can't die, Captain!
I'm begging you! Please don't die!
(...The Heart Pirates were defeated.)

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