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One Piece SPOILERS Capitolo 1070

One Piece Capitolo Spoiler, ワンピース Spoiler, One Piece Raw

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Versione ENG:

Chapter 1,070: "Strongest Human". Germa 66's Ahh... An Emotionless Excursion
Vol. 27: "Five scientists gathered for the world and for humanity".
The 5 scientists are Vegapunk, Caesar, Judge, Queen and a woman (we only see her back but she looks similar to Stussy).

Chapter strarts with Luffy apologizing to Sentoumaru for distracting him before Lucci's attack. Sentoumaru replies not to look down on him because he saw Lucci's attack coming and put up his guard, but still he cannot withstand Lucci's attack.

Seraphim attacks CPO. S-Snake attacks using Mero Mero no Mi's powers, S-Hawk uses his sword and S-Shark punches the floor turning it into waves. CPO agents try to fight against Seraphim, but they are taken down easily. Kaku and Stussy don't join the fight.

S-Snake points Jinbe and Chopper where is the vacuum rocket and which is the right path to reach it. Jinbe praises her for being nice, S-Snake blushes and becomes very tsundere (she talks like real Boa Hancock).

Luffy Vs. Lucci continues. Luffy has the advantage of the battle becouse Lucci can't hit him.

Cut to the lab where Nami's group is still with Vegapunk. Vegapunk says Seraphim are the pinnacle of science that he's able to create and that's why they are the strongest humans on the sea.

However, Vegapunk can't guarantee if the “artificial Akuma no Mi❞ can be awakened and then he gives more information about “artificial Akuma no Mi".

- Zoan fruits are the only one that can be made right now. Vegapunk can make "Mystical Zoan" too but they require massive amount of time and money.

- To make Paramecia fruits, Vegapunk needs the actual user's "lineage factor" to create "Green Blood" which will grant the powers. All Seraphim have "Green Blood" flowing in their arms.

- And about Logia fruits, Vegapunk says he tried his best to create them but they are so difficult (Vegapunk doesn't say anything about Kizaru's fruit in this chapter).

Back to the fight. Luffy uses "Gomu Gomu no Dawn Whip" (Gum Gum White Whip) first and then he attacks Lucci with "Gomu Gomu no Dawn Rocket" (Gum Gum White Rocket) like we saw in Jump Festa 2023's page.

Lucci coughs up blood and thinks to himself the same line that he thought when Luffy attacked him with Gear 3 during Enies Lobby.
Lucci: "¡¡...!! My conciousness is fading..."
Lucci blows away because of Luffy's attack.

Sentoumaru tells Luffy to go to the vacuum rocket and help Dr. Vegapunk for him. Chopper also tells Luffy to hurry up and goes with them if he wants to save Atlas.
So Luffy goes to the lab with them.

Back to the lab. Vegapunk tell Nami's group that he will go with them to the sea and we can see all Straw Hat crew reactions.
Nami is nervous because it will be a huge burden. Franky and Usopp are very excited, Sanji keeps telling Vegapunk to release the leg locks.
Franky wants that Vegapunk checks Franky Shogun and the Thousand Sunny.
Luffy's group reaches de lab (but they don't reunite with Nami's group yet).

Bonney regains consciousness and goes again for Vegapunk.
No news from Zoro and Brook in this chapter.

In Egghead's city we can see Lucci with some bandages. He has now the "control authority" and he's commanding all 4 Seraphim.

Cut to the sea. In the last page of the chapter we can see that Kizaru is leading a fleet to Egghead Island.
Kizaru: "It would be easy for Straw Hat crew to bring Vegapunk out of the island... But things won't go the way they think!!"
End of the chapter,

break next week for Weekly Shonen Jump holidays.


page 1
Chapter 1070 - The Strongest Humanity
Germa 66's Emotionless Voyage Log, vol.27 - Promising scientists assembled for the sake of the world and the people

page 2
[stupid watermark]
Sorry, this happened because I talked to you!
Don't look down on me! I saw it coming...
...And blocked it! (cough)
Or so I thought...
Obstinate. Just lose consciousness already...
With you having a higher "authority precedence" than us...

page 3
As long as you're conscious...
...we can't control the Seraphim!
Gomu Gomu no...!
Dawn! (TN: written as white)

page 4
Whoaaah, I can't stop!
[stupid watermark]
I can't stop, I spun around too much!
Eeeeeh?! Where are you going, Luffy!
Evacuate to the factory!

page 5
The Seraphim just won't stop. This in-fighting is nothing but a loss for us!
[stupid watermark]

page 6
It's that power, Vegapunk!
The ability the "little brat Jinbe" has! That's the power of the "Sui Sui fruit," isn't it?!
It's the ability of my sworn brother in the Donquixote family, Senor Pink! And there are no duplicate fruits in this world! Does this mean that guy is dead?!
So you noticed it... He's currently a prisoner in Impel Down!
Then... No way, did you actually make a duplicate "devil fruit"?!
In regards to artificial "devil fruits"... I can only produce Zoan types!
Leaving Ceasar's SMILE out of the discussion...
Yeah, that guy'd be better off dead.
Even with certain unusual fruits, if I have massive amounts of time and money, ...they can all likely be recreated. That said, "awakening" is as yet unconfirmed.

page 7
I tried every approach I could with the Logia type, but they're difficult...
However, for the Paramecia type, if I get my hands on the "lineage factor" of the ability user...
...from that, I can produce a unique type of blood, and it turned out it can be used to confer the ability to others.
That's "green blood"!
[stupid watermark]
"Mero Mero"...
"Mellow"! (written as sweet wind)

page 8
The Seraphim are, to my knowledge...
(seraphim Kuma, under watermark) Ursus Shock!
(vegapunk, top left) ...the pinnacle of science! In the history of our oceans...
(fodder) Uwaaah!
(vegapunk) [stupid watermark]
(nami) And because of that, they abolished the Shichibukai?!
(franky and ussop?) I can't believe you've made something like this!
So these things were originally... a Navy weapon!
Yes... From our perspective, they're a threat, aren't they.

page 9
He can still stand...? Run away, Sentoumaru-sama!
(lucci cracks his neck)

page 10
(zipping sfx)
(spitting sfx)

page 11
Gomu Gomu no...!
(stretching sfx)
(stretching sfx)
(popping sfx)
(zooming sfx)
(under watermark) Rocket!

page 12
What is...
...this overwhelming power!
My consciousness... fading!
It's over here. Hurry!
That is the Vacuum Rocket! Quickly, get on.
Oh my, thank you.
This Hancock is a nice person!
R... Rude! It was an order [stupid watermark]
One minute until launch.
Heyyy! Hurry up, Luffy!

page 13
Please refrain from boarding at the last minute.
Straw hat!
I'm leaving old man Punk to you!
Leave it to me [stupid watermark]
Launching now.
(chopper) Whoooa, it's fast!
(jinbe) This is amazing!
(bonney) Huh... Where am I? Where's Vegapunk?!
(probably chopper) So you're awake... We're on the Vacuum rocket now...!
(bonney) Eh?! Who are you?!
(jinbe) That's Luffy. There are some circumstances, I'll explain later.

page 14
[stupid watermark]
32 seconds...
[stupid watermark]
Now arriving.
So fast!
Further trips are all canceled.
Strengthening the Egghead Lab Phase Frontier Dome!
Infiltrators are present, and dangerous!
Researchers should evacuate to the factory. Please seal off the factory once this is completed

page 15
It was admirable, in a way.
Vegapunk's [stupid watermark]
It's a shame...
They said to wait for the Navy's arrival...
They'll be able to get away if we wait...!
Are they seriously aiming for your life?! Aren't you the man with the greatest brainpower in the world?! Seems like a loss for the government!
What if they think he'll become a threat to them because he's the greatest brainpower in the world?
I don't plan to do that either, though...
I see, that makes sense... So you're in our way. Let's wipe him out.
Don't do that!
And in those circumstances... the fact that you, the crew of a Yonkou, came here must be some kind of fate.

page 16-17
(franky) You're gonna board our ship?!
(nami) Whoa, that's some serious cargo.
(franky) By all means, you're welcome! I want you to see Franky Shougun! And see the Sunny!
(sanji) Hey! If that's your plan, then let go of these bonds on our legs! You ingrate!
(luffy) Amazing! What is this place!
(extra) Get Atlas-sama to treatment and repairs, extreme urgency!
(jinbe?) Right, counting on you.
(chopper) Bonney, where are you going?!
(bonney)I still need Vegapunk's answer on turning my father back to how he was!
If he keeps being an insect, then I have no choice but to kill him! *
You're just taking your anger out on him!
(CP0) Block off every escape route from the island!
Yes sir!
Including the real body, there's still 6 more, huh...
Man... That defense system sure is powerful.
(pigeon sfx)
This island [stupid watermark]
The "Strawhat crew"...
...became allies with Vegapunk?!
Then, escape would be simple.
But, most likely... It won't turn out like they are expecting. [stupid watermark]
Send as many warships as possible toward Egghead!

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