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One Piece Chapter 1066 "The will of Ohara"

Germa 66's Ahh An Emotionless Excursuon Vol.23 "Extras: Germa's Return Home"

Page 1

"The Pirates found shocking things!!" Franky: What's the meaning of this!?
That once in the past.... This kind of Futuristic city existed!?
Shaka: It's just a theory... Shaka: In archeology world, there was once a man who risked his life to
find out about that Kingdom... Shaka: Then he found a "machine" that matches its manufacture date with
his theory in a certain place.
Robin: Is that "machine" is Producted in the "100 Void Years"? Shaka: How much do you know about that?

Page 2

Nami: Robin, did you know something about that?
Shaka: All I remember about that is only a painful story. 22 years ago, your birthplace Ohara is destroyed with Buster Call from the
Navy. I think the reason it got destroyed because Ohara knew the existence of
that "Kingdom".
Shaka: "100 Void Years" is... There was once existed a highly advanced civilization. The history about the battle of "certain kingdom" with "20 kingdoms". Shaka: The winner is "20 Kingdoms", they found "World Government" that
the world know these days. To make sure that nobody continue "That Kingdom" ideology,
They erased its existence from history.
Nami: Eh!? What's with that story!!!
Usopp: Eh? Eh!?? Is that story is true!? Franky: Wow! What a massive romance story!! *here its means romance
like romance dawn not romantic
Sanji: Wait a minute, Vegapunk! Then those people who knew about it is..

Page 3

Shaka: Yes, they've been obliterated.
Sanji: Then why you're easily talked about it!?
Nami: Ah!!! I didn't heard about it!
Usopp: Aaah! Forget about it! I don't know and hear anything!
Shaka: I said it's only a theory
Shaka: But Nico Robin,
If "Ohara" is erased because this theory, that means... Shaka: The Government has...
Acknowledged that theory is "The Truth", right?
Robin: Who do you think you are talking about us like that!? The researchers in Ohara made a theory from researching various important documents.
Do you think the government will hear it from a powerful person like you? Shaka: No, I'm similar like you too. Even if I work with government... If I talk about it, I'll be obliterate

Page 4

Usopp: Then I don't wanna hear more about it! This is a torture! Just let us go!
Robin: Then how do you know about that "Kingdom"!?
Every literature that Ohara has gathered around the world has been... Shaka: The will of Ohara still lives.
Shaka: That day, the world is in uproar.
Shaka: Scholar Island Ohara that is very well known worldwide for its
Destroyed in one night with a lone girl as its survivor.
Shaka: "World Government" labeled them as evil scholar group that are plotting to take over the world.
Shaka: About months later after that incident, I went to Ohara that has became burning field.
I am an old acquaintance with the scholar leader, Professor Clover...
He was bright like a flower... Robin: You are Professor Clover's friend!

Page 5

Shaka: He was very interested on those "100 Void Years". I've known him as an adventurer that gathers every literature around the world,
He's been repeatedly captured and imprisoned 10 times by Navy. But still, he became famous as number one archeologist in the world!
Shaka: Then he gathered every scholars in Ohara Then Ohara became the sanctuary for archeologist.
Shaka: It was a tragic thing for such a talented man. Shaka: When I went there, I can't believe they even burned the Tree of knowledge.
I was surprised. Shaka: Then when I went into the lake in the central area, I found a lot of literature
drown in there.
Vegapunk: What is this? Shaka: Seeing their island is on fire because of Buster Call,
The scholars are trying to stop that. They died to protect the remaining "fortunes" for the future,

Page 6

Shaka: The clueless soldiers saw it, but they didn't realize its value.
It was a great victory for Ohara.
Shaka: When I saw it, My tears won't stop flowing!
Olvia: Robin, please! You have to escape from this island!
Olvia: I still have things to do here. Robin: I don't want us to be separated, Mom!
I'm staying here too! Scholar: Protect the books! Scholar: Bring it outside the library!
Olvia: Robin History is an "asset" for humanity Olvia: We shouldn't give up on the future
That you'll be living in!!

Page 7

Robin: Mom! Saul: Be proud, Robin! Saul: Yer mom is an honorable!! Ohara fought da world!!
Robin: Hiks Hiks
Nami: Wait, Helmet! You made our Robin cry! Sanji: I won't forgive you, Vegapunk! Let our feet go, you bastard!
Robin: Vegapunk Robin: Ohara did tries to expose that "Kingdom" just as you predicted
Shaka: I see. Then it was really the truth. Robin: Do you know what happened to the literature in the lake?
Shaka: That time, I want to bring it to Punk Hazard.. But my plea to the higher ups fell for deaf ears.

Page 8

Shaka: That day, I encountered those guys.
22 years ago in Ohara in West Blue Months later after the Buster Call incident
Ve gap u nk: Hm? Who are those guys in the ruins?
Vegapunk: It's the Giants!?
Giants: Yosh! Pull it up!
Vegapunk: Why the giants are here!? What'll they do? Do they know the value of those books!?
Dragon: It's been a while!
Vegapunk!! I can recognize you by looking at that stand out hair of yours!
Vegapunk: You are...

Page 9

Vegapunk: Dragon!?
Why are you here?? Dragon: That's my line, Vegapunk! Your head became larger than before, huh? Dragon: I was Clover's acquaintance
Vegapunk: So you too, huh!? Vegapunk: I knew him when he was a rough guy who traveled around the world,
To labeled him as someone who tried to destroy the world is.. Unbelievable! That must be some information manipulation!
Monkey D Dragon, Leader of Liberty Army (33 years old) Dr Vegapunk Lead Researcher in Punk Hazard (43 years old),
Dragon: Are you interested on those giants ? I just checked it earlier, they're not bandits.
Dragon: They came from Elbaf.
They knew the value of those literature, Their captain is a strange guy with bandage covering his body.

Page 10

Dragon: He said, "I won't let the assets that Ohara left
erased from history". You guys from the World Government didn't realized its
value. So I'm glad they didn't destroyed it.
Vegapunk: Wait! I'm not...
Dragon: I'm tired hearing it. Even you has became government's lapdog! Dragon: Even though we the Liberation has invited you
and you rejected it! Vegapunk: Don't be ridiculous! Even with my wisdom and
technology, What can your poor army make ? Dragon: I know! You still a blunt guy as usual, huh? Vegapunk: "World Government" is a massive organization,
especially the Navy. There's a lot of people who can understand me. Don't lose
your objective, Dragon! Dragon: I know! But with this incident...
This really made me angry!

Page 11

Dragon: In the name of law, they beat up with violence
Those powerless researcher Just because they have "unreasonable opinion"! Dragon: I will make an army that can fight it!
Vegapunk: You who despise violence? Dragon: Just see it, Vegapunk! I will change the world!
Dragon: I won't let.. Clover's Death and the will of Ohara goes in vain! Shaka: That year, Dragon along with
Emporio Ivankov
and Bartholomew Kuma... Shaka: He made "Revolution Army" that shocked the world

Page 12

Nami: Luffy's father is very passionate!
Usopp: They went to Elbaf? Robin: Dragon and Professor Clover is acquintance... I never
knew they knew each other! Franky: I'm shocked! Why Kuma saved us?
Vegapunk, why did you remodeled him? Sanji: So that bastard "Iva" is one of Revolution Army's
founder... Shaka: The literature of Ohara is....
indeed didn't fall into Government's hands. Shaka: Because I'm very interested in it, I secretly went into
Elbaf..... They let me read all of the documents Shaka: In other words... I read all about Ohara,
The secret of the world
Shaka: It's all... Inside of my head for prorgressing my research!

Page 13

Robin: The name of that giant's captain is Saul, right?
Shaka: Right now he is hiding. No one will disclosure his whereabouts,
Robin: Thank you, Dr. Vegapunk!! Please don't let Ohara's battle goes into vain!
Shaka: I'm an ally for every scholars. That is my nature as researcher.
Nami: Uwah! Nami: The shoes is moving itself! Shaka: I still can't release you.... Follow me. Shaka: There are some thing that I want to show you.
Page 14 Egghead Fabriophase, Scrap Yard Luffy: Oii! There's no place to ride it, Chopper! Chopper: I see! So it's an automatic type! Chopper: Well then... "Move"!
"Move, Robot"!!
Maybe it need password. Luffy: No, it's probably has a name. Maybe calls its name to move it?
"Move, Robonosuke"!!
Chopper: "Move, Roboking"!! Bonney: Are you children? That won't make it move
Luffy: Uwaah! The robot is exploded!

Page 15

Vegapunk: Please help me!! Vegapunk: Damn it! It's still failed!
Someone, please help me! Vegapunk: While I'm warping, the space is distorted!! Luffy: What's with this guy! His situation is just like kinemon!
I'll help you! Vegapunk: I'm drowningVegapunk: I'm very sorry.
Bonney: He is...!? Vegapunk: You are Dragon's son, right? I knew you'll come here!
Welcome! Vegapunk: Also, Bonney you grew up! Luffy: Eh? Gramps, are you floating!? Vegapunk: I'm very happy you're fine!
Bonney: Vegapunk! Vegapunk: You wear it too right? There's hover function in DOM Shoes!
Luffy: Eh!? Vegapunk: Push the side button while you pull down the lever.

Page 16

Luffy: Push it down...
Like this?
Vegapunk: Yes! Luffy: Uwoh, I flew too high!!!
Uhyaaa Chopper: Uwaaaa!! Vegapunk: Please help me!!! Dr. Vegapunk, World Renowned Genius Special Science Group (SSG) Team Leader
*A humble genius researcher appears!


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