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One Piece SPOILERS Capitolo 1060

One Piece Capitolo Spoiler, ワンピース Spoiler, One Piece Raw

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Chapter 1060 Luffy’s Dream

Page 3
Luffy: That’s 100 percent!! A lie!!!
As if he’ll do something as terrible as killing Vivi’s father!!!
Luffy: Sabo would never do that!!!
Robin: indeed..I agree….
The Revolutionary Army was always after the World Nobles, not the Kings!!
【The Revolutionary Army has declared war upon the celestial dragons. Sabo, their chief of staff, has assassinated King Cobra of Alabasta, and his daughter Princess Vivi is nowhere to be found】

Page 4
Luffy: We need to head over to Alabasta!! Right now!!
Zoro: like it’s written on there King Cobra is dead!! What’s going to change if you go there?! And Vivi is also missing, last seen on Marijoa!!
Luffy: then we’re going to Marijoa!!!

Caribou: (wha?! What?! To Marijoa?! Is that what he said?! Damn I really need to hear this!!)

Zoro: that’s their home territory you idiot!! You want to pick a fight with the Marine Headquarter?!
Luffy: I will!! Don’t tell me you’re scared, Zoro!!
Zoro: I’m saying that’s not going to help!! Calm yourself!!
Sanji: wahhh Vivi-chaaaann how are you feeling and where are you?!
Please be safe!!
Chopper: Vivi’s dad died?! He was so nice to us even though we’re pirates…
(Cobra: thank you so much)
Usopp: damn it! You can’t find a better king than him!
Nami: I’m worried for her…I’m worried for how she’s feeling right now too…I’m so worried!!

Page 5
Jinbe: looks like this reverie has been a whole mess
Franky: we did met your brother back at Dressrosa, Luffy!!
Brook: I haven’t heard anything about tyranny happening in Alabasta!!
Nami: I can’t deal with this!! Where is she?!
Luffy: Me too!! Let’s go help her!!
Chopper: let’s go!!!

Zoro: All of you! Give me a break!!
Luffy! Did you forget what you said about Ace?!
(Luffy: Ace has his own adventure to go through)
Zoro: unless it’s some serious danger, we should leave Ace to his own life, isn’t that right?!

Page 6
Zoro: are you looking down on Vivi?! We all know how strong of a woman she is!! When the time is right we’ll fight anyone that’s necessary, but right now there’s nothing to do about it you’re just being annoying!!

Luffy: Arghhhh!! Then I will be as annoying as I want!
Luffy: You’re like an Oni!! You’re Onigashima!
Chopper: Green Mom!
Nami: Green Kaido!!
Sanji: shitty marimo!!
Zoro: shut up number 4!!

Robin: so much has happened while we’re in Wano…and the changes doesn’t stop there
To abolish the Seven Warlords system basically means they’re letting pirates of that caliber run wild
And in the end…it brought about the establishment of Cross Guild and the birth of another Emperor of the Sea, “Buggy the Genius Jester”!!
Luffy: only that last part sounds wrong!!

Page 7
Robin: Luffy, there’re other names that have something to do with you on here…do you want to know?
Luffy: hmmm…..I’ll leave it to you!! If it’s serious then let me know!
Robin: understood, I’ll do that then
I’m sure all these info is spinning our heads

Luffy: but Sabo definitely isn’t the culprit! Sabo just wants to free everyone because of his own experience of growing up in a restricted household!!
(Sabo: I want to see the big wide world and write a book about it!!
Luffy: shishishi!! I see! Alright, I will…!!)
Luffy: the three of us made a promise together, me and him with Ace!!
I’m going to…!!

Page 8-9
Zoro: what?
Jinbe: eh? What…did you just say?
Nami: what??
Brook: yohoho ♪ this is too good!!
Usopp: hey now wait a minute you..!!
Franky: Wahaha that sounds amazing!!
Sanji: hahaha…hey Chopper check if there’s something wrong with his head!!
Usopp: do you really think something like that is possible?!
Luffy: I might be able to do it if I become the King of Pirates!!
Usopp: that’s not an idea normal people would came up with..!!
Luffy: huh? Did I not told any of you about this…
Usopp: it’s fine if you didn’t told anyone…because it’s impossible!!
Luffy: then I guess I only told Shanks…and Ace and Sabo
Robin: how did they react?
Luffy: they laughed! Shanks even had tears in his eyes!! Shishishi! But that’s my dream

Page 10
Jinbe: wahahahahaha!! Well we can’t treat it like it’s other people’s business now can we? We got ourselves one hell of a captain!
Luffy: Shishishi!!
Chopper: but that’s good!! Luffy!! It’s such a nice dream!!!
Nami: it’s something I’d expect from you…

Franky: for that you do have to be nothing less impressive than the King of the Pirates!! We are just one Road Poneglyth short of being able to get to Laughtale!!
Robin: it’s not that easy, Franky
That last one hasn’t been seen…in a long time..!! We have no clue where it could be at

Page 11
【New World-Marine Headquarter】
Marines: Sabo the “Flame Emperor” has made contact with Kamabakka Queendom!!
Where is he?!!
We have to locate him!!
They’re not using any white Den Den Mushi!!
So it must be an emergency, they might cut off soon!
We have successfully located him!!
Where is he?!
In Lulusia Kingdom!!

Five Elders: !! Lulusia..
Imu: …….

Marines: it’s one of the nations from the Eight Nation Revolution that happened recently, a perfect hideout for Sabo…

Page 12
Five Elders: I see…
What an unlucky man……
No, perhaps this is fate…

【Kamabakka Queendom】
Koala: Sabo?!
Sabo: I’m sorry for what happened
Ivankov: Sabo!! You’re alright, that’s great!!

Sabo: Dragon-san!! I’m not the one who assassinated King Cobra!!

Morell: That’s right !! I knew you wouldn’t do such thing!!
Koala: I knew it…Sabo….
Sabo: But at Marijoa, I…

Page 13
Sabo: …saw something unbelievable…!!
?: unbelievable?!

【New World-Lulusia Kingdom】
Citizens: the sky has darkened…
It’s clouded?!
It’s like…
We have something huge…right above us…

King Seki: you will all regret this!!
When men from the Marine Headquarter arrive, every single one of you shall be punished through impalement!!!
【Lulusia Kingdom
King Seki】

Comane: Daddy let me kill them too!! I won’t forgive these losers!
【Princess Comane】

Citizens: Your Majesty…no…Lord Seki!! Please acknowledge your wrongdoings!! We have no intention of taking your life…

Sabo: inside Pangaea Castle, on the Empty Throne…
??: communication department, cut off the den den Mushi!!
Marines: what…
Sabo: on that throne where there shouldn’t be a “king of the world”…

Page 14-15
Five Elders?: listen now…department of communication…..

Lulusia citizens: what is that shadow…?!!

Five Elders?: you didn’t receive any signal

Lulusia citizens: daddy I’m scared

Five Elders?: you didn’t intercept anything…
Lulusia Kingdom?
That country…never existed…in the first place…

Page 16
Marines: seaquake detected at the South east coast

Koala: Sabo? Sabo?!

Marines: be careful of incoming Tsunami

【Few days after- On the Thousand Sunny】
Nami: Kyaaa!! What’s this?! It’s sooo cold!!
?: watch out for the ice!!
Jinbe: lower the sails!! The wind is too strong! How far away is the island, Nami?!
Franky: let’s do this!!
Nami: I feel like this is the climate of the next island! Perhaps we are heading towards a severe winter island

Robin: oh Chopper that looks great on you
Chopper: hehhehheh!! With this Amigasa hat that OTama made for me, I am ready for any snow!! Here I go!

Page 17
Luffy: Nami! What is that?!!
Nami: That’s….wait?!!! What?!!
Jinbe: That “warm eddy” is huge!!

Strawhats: an eddy?! Why is that here?!!
Jinbe: that’s the result of a warm core ring that’s been heated elsewhere being pushed upward
Brook: woah it looks like an afro ♪
Nami: how the difference in temperature be that dramatic?!
Jinbe we need to get out of here!! Or we’ll dragged into that thing!!
Jinbe: leave this to me!!

Page 18
Luffy: wait!! Someone is in the water!
Nami: what?!
Strawhats: there’s no way a person is in there!! Is it a mermaid?!
Sanji: no he’s right!! I can hear the cry of a lady!!
Nami: you hear it from inside the water?! Are you serious?!
Strawhats: even if there is someone there, what do you want us to do?!
Zoro: just let me cut it
Sanji: if you hurt the lady I’ll throw you into the sea you hear me?!!

Zoro: one sword style, “Bird Dance”!!!
Strawhats: he did it!!

Chopper: hi everyone what’s the fuss about?!
Now that “Amigasa hat Chopper” is here you have nothing to….wahhh the wind is so strong!!

Page 19
Chopper: wahhhhh!!
Usopp: huh?! Chopper what are you doing here!!
Luffy: Chopper!!
Chopper: Luffy!!
Luffy: wahhh!!
Usopp: not you too!!

Usopp: woah it’s a kid!!!
【member of the Worst Generation
“Big Eater” Jewelry Bonney
Bounty: 320 million berries】


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