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One Piece SPOILERS Capitolo 1058

One Piece Capitolo Spoiler, ワンピース Spoiler, One Piece Raw

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Chapter 1058 New Emperor
Cover: “Take me with you!! I want to leave this place!!”

Page 2
Luffy: Gyaaaaa!!!
Nami: you’re such a poor captain you know that?!
【The Ship that departed from the land of Wano are heading steadily in the direction of the log pose】
Luffy: I’b sarry..!!
【One of the Four Emperors “Strawhat Luffy”】
Nami: You put everyone’s life in danger!! And here I thought there’s a limit to your stupidity!!
Jinbe: Wahahaha well we ended up fine so don’t take it too far…
Nami: you’re spoiling him, Jinbe!!
Jinbe: woah!!

Page 3
Jinbe: con…conqueror’s Haki?!
Chopper: watch out Boss!! Stay away from Nami when she’s mad!!
Franky: behold the toughness of our Sunny!! We fall from that height..and yet!!
we have just one broken yard!!

Robin: thank you♡
And oh, here’s our new bounty posters…
Sanji: let me take a look Robin-chwannn♡
【And here are the bounties of Emperor “Strawhat Luffy”, Captain of the Strawhat Grand Fleet consisting of 5600 members, and his nine “commanders”】

Page 4
【Doctor “Cotton Candy Lover Chopper”(pet)】
Chopper: I wonder if it went up!!
Hey!! It did increased but that’s..!!!
【Bounty: 1000 berries(900b increase)】

【Navigator “Cat Burglar Nami”】
Nami: hundreds of million?!! Even I want them!!!
【Bounty: 366 million berries】

【Musician “Soul King” Brook】
Brook: yohohoho♪
【Bounty: 383 million berries】

【Shipwright “Iron Man” Franky】
Franky: what is this?!! Are they kidding me?!(referring to his poster image)
【Bounty: 394 million berries】

【Sniper “God” Usopp】
Usopp: owahh!!
That’s enough!! Please don’t go up any more!!
【Bounty: 500 million berries】

Page 5
【Archaeologist “Devil Child” Nico Robin】
Robin: cheer up, Chopper(hands him a cotton candy)
Chopper: woah♡
【Bounty: 930 million berries】

【Cook “Black Leg Sanji” 1 billion and 32 million berries】
Sanji: why is my bounty…lower than him…?!!!
…and Jinbe…you too…!!!
【Helmsman “Knight of the Sea Jinbe” 1 billion and 100 million berries】
Jinbe: what’s wrong? Are you alright, Sanji?
【Sword Master “Pirate Hunter Zoro” 1 billion and 100 million and 1100 berries】
Zoro: forget about him, don’t waste your time on number 4 hahahaha

【Captain “Emperor” “Strawhat Luffy”
Bounty: 3 billion berries】
Luffy: I am sorry…pleaze lat me out…I’m starving…

Sanji: who are you calling number 4?!!
Zoro: you dare talk back to number 2?!

Page 6-7
【New World- Emptee Bluffs Island】
Buggy’s crew: did you guys saw..?
Yeah we did…
Can’t believe we’re seeing the real deal!! Amazing!
So that’s the World’s Strongest Swordsman!!Scary!!
after the abolishment of the warlord system…when they surrounded us with warships…
I really thought it’s over for us…
But as expected of Chairman Buggy!! Who would’ve thought…

Buggy: please waaaait!!! Spare my life!!! I will do anything!! I will lick your shoes if you want!!
【”Emperor” “Buggy the Genius Jester”】

Crocodile: Cross Guild was supposed to be an organization established by me and Hawkeye!!! Why are you the boss now, Buggy?!!
【”Former Warlord” Sir Crocodile】

Buggy: ahhh I’m sorry and that’s all I can say about this!! How should I put it…don’t let it get to you?

Mihawk: You’re probably the first and last person to became an Emperor with a simple “sorry”
Give up your life to show us you mean it…
【”Former Warlord” Dracule Mihawk】

Crocodile: embarrassed doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings right now
Buggy: Don’t kill me please…!!
Mihawk: nonnegotiable

Page 8
Mr.3: Oh Boss♡ I’m soooo happy to be able to work for you again after all this time♡
【Former member of Baroque Works(Crocodile’s subordinate)

Buggy: you’re going to betray me, Galdino?!!
Mr.3: I don’t remember ever becoming your subordinate, Buggy!!
Buggy: grrr!!

Mohji: well that marks the end of our Chairman, what do we do now?
Cabaji: we follow Crocodile of course!!
Alvida: what a cold world we live in

(【Gloom Island】
Crocodile: Kuhahaha you’ve lost your status as a Warlord now, Hawkeye!!
Mihawk: what do you want, Crocodile

Page 9
Mihawk: right now the Marines have surrounded the island
it’s a lot of work but I’ll have to relocate my base now
Crocodile: Then why don’t you work with me? You know, it’s not a bad deal for you. If you and I come together we’ll have an organization that the Marines can’t ignore!!
You’re a man that was once known as the “Marine Hunter”!! We are very similar when it comes to being careful with whom we trust!!)

Buggy: eek!!

(Buggy’s crew: Captain Buggy!!
Buggy: what’s wrong?! Keep fighting!! Don’t tell me you’re scared of Marine forces!!
I’m busy preparing for my escape right now…!!
Buggy’s crew: the warships that surrounded this island..are under attack!!

Page 10
Buggy: the Marines are under attack?!
Buggy’s crew: the warships are sinking one after another!!
Buggy: what?! Where did our heroes come from?!!
Buggy’s crew: It’s Crocodile!!

Buggy’s crew: so the rumor saying that Chairman Buggy is like Crocodile’s big bro is true after all!! Look at how he’s risking his life to save our Chairman in a situation like this!!
You’re amazing, Chairman Buggy♡

Buggy: so it’s Crocodile huh, hahaha….
He’s here to collect the huge amount of money I owed him!!!
But I have nothing to give!! What should I do?!! This is worst than dealing with the marines!!!

Page 11
Crocodile: considering who you are, I thought for sure you would just fly away
Buggy: and he’s right about that…
See here…Buggy’s Delivery might look like it’s doing really well…but here’s the truth! Look at the number of workers!! How much money it’s gonna cost to feed all those mouths!! Not to mention our biggest stars, the giants, just collectively quit!!
Crocodile: if you can’t gather enough money, there’s always the option of selling yourselves
Buggy: don’t say scary things like that!! Aren’t we comrades that broke out of Impel Down together?! Right, Croc-chan♡
Crocodile: then pay back the money I lend you because of that relationship. If not, I’ll have to take matters into my own hands.
I have need for that much money in order to establish my new company!!
Buggy: but…!!
Fine, then!! L..Let me join you as well!! I might have fallen but I’m still formerly a Warlord..I’ll be at your service!!
I’ll work to pay back the debts!! The founding of a company need to be loud and flashy!!
And we have all kinds of people here that can help with that!! Designing advertisements, printing and delivering, you name it! Use us all you want, no payment necessary!!)

Page 12:
Crocodile: and after all that talk, this is the poster you spread out to the world.
You sure look important on here, mr.President
Buggy: it’s a misunderstanding!! I really didn’t mean it like that!!
Crocodile: what else could this mean?!
Buggy: eek!!
I..I didn’t mean it!! My workers have way too much respect for me, I was shocked too!!

(Buggy: hey what’s with that poster
Buggy’s crew: Oh Chairman I made you look the coolest on here♡
Buggy: what?!!
Buggy’s crew: and it’s been delivered to every corner of the world♡
Buggy: what?!!!)

Brannew: Not only was Buggy the mastermind behind the incident at Impel Down…
【Marine Headquarter】

Page 13
Brannew: …he was also a member of the Pirate King’s crew!! People say that he’s a pirate that rivals Red Haired of the “Four Emperors”.
He is also charismatic enough to have Crocodile rushed to his rescue at Emptee Bluffs Island!! And we have also confirmed the relationship between Crocodile and Mihawk through wire tapping!!
Their “Marine Hunting” movement has already attracted fundings from numerous dark organizations! Even in the current rebelling state of the world, they can still be considered an organization that pose immense threat to us!!

Marine: what are their bounties?

Brannew: Former Warlord of the Sea, Sir Crocodile, an active logia user with notable intelligence and charisma, wanted for 1 billion and 965 million berries!!

Brannew: “Hawkeye Mihawk”!! Also a former Warlord of the Sea and his swordsmanship surpasses that of the Emperor “Red Haired”!!
As the Strongest Swordsman in the World, he’s wanted for..!! 3.5 billion and 90 million berries!!

Brannew: “Buggy the Genius Jester”!!
Adding on to what was previously mentioned…and most importantly…is his power that made those two obey him..!!

Page 14
Brannew: 3.1 billion and 89 million berries!!
Acknowledged as a new Emperor along with “Strawhat Luffy”, the government has labeled him as a dangerous person that we need to pay attention to!!

Crocodile: aren’t you mighty now, being an emperor and all that, you clown…
Buggy: I’m really sorry!! I mean it!! I’ll lick your shoes clean!!
Crocodile: shut your mouth…
Buggy: eek!!!
Mihawk: but I suppose base on how you look at this, it’s not a bad thing to let him have all the glory
Speaking for myself, I have zero desire for the position of an emperor, all I want is to just live peacefully!!

Page 15
Crocodile: ……you serious now?
Mihawk: I am saying he can be used to draw attention, besides, we can erased him whenever we desire so
Crocodile: you’re right

Buggy: boys!! In preparation for the coming new era..!!
Buggy: …we hereby establish the Cross Guild!!! Here are the commanders!!!

Buggy’s crew: kyaaa♡ Sir Crocodile!!!
Chairman Buggy is crying~~~~♡
Buggy: what’s going to become of my life?!!
Buggy’s crew: we’re being moved to tears too!!
Master Mihawk♡

Page 16
【Grand Line- Kamabakka Queendom】
Ivankov: don’t think too much about it!! Koala, Sabo is alright!!
Koala: yeah…I’m glad everyone is okay
Ivankov: right! A miracle like this ought to bring us joy!!
Morley: I can’t believe Sabo made us all so worried like that!!
Karasu: regarding the incident that occurred after we parted ways…I choose to believe in Sabo
Lindbergh: aww I was gonna say that~~~
I should’ve said it earlier!
Betty: Calm down all of you!! It’s annoying!
Koala: Dragon-san…
Dragon:…..Sabo is fine..but if he really did murder King Cobra…I won’t forgive him no matter what reasoning was behind it!!

Page 17
Dragon: say, Kuma…just what…have you witnessed?
Kuma: your wish is my command…

Marines: a call connecting to Kamabakka Queendom!! It might be the Flame Emperor!
Record everything!! Track it!!
Yes sir!

Koala: everyone be quiet!
This is Koala!

Den Den Mushi:….it’s me…Sabo!!


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