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One Piece SPOILERS Capitolo 1056

One Piece Capitolo Spoiler, ワンピース Spoiler, One Piece Raw

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Chapter 1056 "Cross Guild”

We have Katakuri and Oven in the cover about to attack Ichiji, Niji, Yonji and Reiju

The chapter starts after the banquet has already ended. Shinobu and Raizou are lying in the bed malnourished while the Red Scabbards are asking them to hold on.

The red scabbards accept what Aramaki said; that Kaidou was a deterrent that kept their enemies away.

Kin’emon apologizes because he was in Kuri with Tsuru while everything happened. Nekomamushi tells him to not worry because the damages were minimum thanks to Momonosuke's efforts and asks him how is Tsuru doing. Kin’emon reveals that she was received a severe burn on her face but there is no risk in her life.

Meanwhile we see Tsuru talking with Ochocho about Kin’emons return and that he has already gone to the capital and she may go to the capital too because she wants to be with Kinemon.

Back to Kin’emon we see him blush while saying that Tsuru is as beautiful as always, Inuarashi says that's too sweet even for dogs, Neko laughs, Kiku thinks that’s lovely and Raizou lying in bed malnourished is saying that he wants to be popular.

The scene changes, Carrot arrives because she was called by Inuarashi and Nekomamushi. Inu tells her to become the King of Mokomo Dukedon,, at first Carrot reacted with a "King? Yaay okay” as if she didn’t give it too much importance until she realized what they were talking about and ends up saying that she doesn’t want because there is no way she can do it.

Inu and Neko tells her that they are going to stay in Wano to protect Momo as samurais and she is one of the few talented people who has gone to overseas, so she should have what is needed for the next era. Carrot still complains saying that a stronger person would be better but Shishilian appears saying that their duty is the protection of the country. Wanda tells her that she will support her and that this is the decision of the dukes, plus she inherited Pedro's will. The scene ends with Nekomamushi saying that he will leave Zou to them.

Now we see Momonosuke, Hiyori and Sukiyaki. Sukiyaki told them that he is their grandfather. They hug him, Sukiyaki apologizes and thanks them. Momo tells him that he is reassured of having a blood relative alive.

While looking at the red scabbards he tells them that as he thought, they realized his identity. Kawamatsu replies that he knew he couldn't be a normal swordsmith when he was wearing a Tengu mask even though there wasn't any festival and Kiku also says that it would be rude to guess right. Meanwhile Kin’emon is thinking, then we see his surprised face because he didn’t even think of the possibility of Tengu being Sukiyaki.

Sukiyaki says that he has something to tell them but after that, he wants to retire without the civilians knowing about him.

Next we see the crew. Franky is surprised is not only in Wano but that it existed. Luffy remembers about it a bit.

Luffy: The thing that Franky burnt the blueprints!!

Robin: Yes, the ancient weapon that has the name of a god, "Pluton”. Do you want it, Luffy?

Luffy: I don’t need it!
Robin: I thought so... But why did Oden want to release that?

While they were talking about weapons, a beautiful Shinobu appears with Otama asking if they are saying that mature womans are weapons?

Tama, doing a ninja pose tells Luffy that she has become Shinobu's apprentice and asks Luffy to make her his nakama the next time they meet, when she becomes stronger. Nami runs to hug her saying that she is so cute and Luffy accepts saying that if she can use
Ninjutsu he agrees.

While Tama is happy we see Caribou who heard about Pluton saying that he has to tell to "that person”

A few days have passed, you can see the people from the flower capital happy. We see Momo who is looking at the city while receiving work as shogun, Momo is looking at the happy kids talking. He starts walking and every time people meet him they call him "Shogun!".

Momo opens a door happy and tries to tell Zoro to teach him a bit of swordmanship but then he realizes that there is no one in the room. He starts running through the castle calling the straw hats names including Yamato but he doesn’t find anyone.

He ends up finding Hiyori who was with Toko playing the shamisen. Momo asks her about Luffy and the others but she tells him that they already left after they greeted the others. Momo surprised because they didn’t say anything to him and Kin'emon appears to talk
about the same topic, the other scabbards greeted Luffy and co. but nothing was told to Kin'emon and Momonosuke.

We see Luffy, Kidd and Law at Tokage port. Law is telling Luffy to change the day they leave Wano but Luffy complains saying that they had already decided to leave today. Kidd says that it can’t be helped if it’s a coincidence and they decide to choose different routes from the log pose now that it's fixed to "Northeast", "East” and "Southeast”.

Kidd&Luffy: The middle one(east)!
Law: Northeast

Kidd and Luffy choose the middle one thinking that it would the one that advance the most but in truth "Northeast” is the one that advances forward the most. Law mocks them for this.

Since they decided to take different directions Kidd and Luffy do a lottery to see which one goes to the east and Kidd ends up winning and Luffy tells Kidd that helost even though he is the "yonkou”, which makes Kidd a little mad but then he says that the one who he can't accept as Yonkou is Buggy.

We see a page with Buggy, Crocodile and Mihawk in the newspaper and the logo of "Cross Guild”.

Luffy is surprised to see that and asks why does it look like they are Buggy’s subordinates. Zoro looks at them and says he doesn't believe that, specially not for Mihawk. Law says that if Buggy was able to make those 2 obey him, then it’s appropriate to call him "Emperor" but Luffy replies telling him that Buggy is an idiot.

We get information about Cross guild from Kidd. It seems that they put bounties to marine soldiers and now the navy have to be afraid of even civilians who could kill them.

Law gives Kidd a copy of the road poneglyph saying that they have the right to have it. Killer says that they have to become serious about this to participate in the battle for the One Piece. Kidd asks Killer if he is trying to say that they should find the man with the "burn wound” even though they have no clue about where is he, Luffy is curious about this(same for Robin and Law makes an interesting expression which could basically be that he knows who he is talking about or that he is just hearing the conversation without knowing anything) but Kidd doesn’t tell him about him because that's better for them.

The chapter ends with Momo shouting if Yamato has left too, but Yamato was at the roof and shouts to Momo that it’s time to go with Luffy and that it's time to live like Kouzuki Oden.

Jump break next week (holidays).


Chapter 1056 Cross Guild
Cover: Katakuri and Oven show up!!

Page 2
【after the feast—Flower Capital】
scabbards: Raizo!! Hang in there!!
Look how thin he is..!!
Shinobu-san!! Please don’t die!
What a terrifying sorcery!!
I hate to admit it! But that man was not speaking complete nonsense! Kaido was the deterrent that kept enemies away from our country…
Kin’emon: I’m sorry everyone!! My regret is beyond words! To think something so terrible happened while I was away at Kuri!!
I had no idea!!
Neko: that can’t be helped! But at least the damage caused is at minimal thanks to the effort of lord Momonosuke!!
Inu: Is Miss Tsuru doing alright?

Page 3
Kin’emon: well the Okobore town was burned down…and she suffered from a burn on her face…but nonetheless she survived…
OChocho: Oh Otsuru I heard Kin is back isn’t he?
Tsuru: yes…but he already went back to the capital
OChocho: and you are also now a proud citizen of the Capital, return to his side
Tsuru: Yes…I too wish to stay by his side
Kin’emon: and oh my it has been 20 years but her beauty hasn’t been tainted in the slightest!
Inu: Hey! Nobody wants to hear about your love life!
Neko: Goronyanyanya!!
Okiku: heheh I’m glad to hear that! sir Kin
Raizo: ahh..!! I want girl too….
Neko: Raizo! yougara should focus on recovering!

Page 4
Carrot: hellooo?! Master Nekomamushi and Duke Inuarashi! You called me right!
Inu: ahh…you’ve arrived. Carrot
You’ll become the next ruler of Mokomo Dukedom
Carrot: ruler?! Yayyy leave it to me…
I don’t want to!! There’s no way!!
Inu: let me explain…me and Cat have decided…that we’ll stay in Wano to protect lord Momonosuke, as samurais of Kozuki!!
Neko: Goronyanya
Yougara traveled outside our land with Luffy and his friends, one of the few to have done so
We believe you have what is essential for the coming era

Page 5
Carrot: but I am sure there’re tons of people stronger than me!!
Shishilian: and you are right about that!! We shall continue to fulfill our duty of protecting the country!!
Wanda: I’ll support you as well! Carrot, have faith in the dukes’ decision.
And more than anything…you carry the will of Pedro within your heart…
Carrot: Pedro…
Neko: That’s right!! Zou will now be in the hands of you young folks!!

Momo: grandpa?!
Sukiyaki: indeed…I’m Oden’s father…

Page 6
Sukiyaki: I’m sorry…I’m truly sorry…!! And allow me to thank you…!!
Oh you look exactly like Oden!! Momonosuke!
Momo: grandpa!
We have lost both of our parents..
It’s great comfort to us knowing we still have someone that shares the same blood!!
Hiyori: and I share the same feelings!! Please do not apologize for this!!
Sukiyaki: So just as I thought…you all have noticed..
Kawamatsu: a person walking around with a Tengu mask when there’s no festival around, why he can’t just be an ordinary swordsmith
Okiku: and this one believes it’s rude to point it out if you don’t feel like revealing…
Sukiyaki: sorry about that
Kin’emon: (he’s lord Sukiyaki?!! I had no idea!!! I feel like my heart is going to explode!! But I’m glad he’s alright!!!)

Page 7
Sukiyaki: I still have something I need to tell you all…but aside from that I’m just an old geezer, I wish to go into retirement after it’s all done without the people learning about my existence…
This is now an era that must be shaped by you…
Kin’emon: of course! Just knowing you’re alive is already an “aid”!!
(I was shocked!!!”)

Franky: What the?!! Pluton is here in this country?!
Robin: yes, I didn’t get to see it…but there’s no doubt about it!!
Franky: so SOMETHING LIKE THAT really do exist…!!
Luffy: the one that Franky burned the blueprint of, right!!
Robin: yes, “Pluton” is an Ancient weapon that was named after a god, is that something you want?
Luffy: nope I don’t need anything like that!
Robin: I assume so….but Oden wanted to unleash…I wonder why

Page 8
Shinobu: did I hear you say…a mature woman rivals a weapon?!
Franky: who the hell are you!!
Shinobu: it’s me! Shinobu! But I am worn out by a little accident…
Sanji: awwww that’s the best result from exhaustion I’ve ever seen!
Tama: Big bro! Big bro! I’m now a disciple of Shinobu!! I’ll get stronger so let me join you next time we meet!!
Nami: OTama you’re so cute!!
Luffy: If you can use ninjutsu! No problem! Shishishi!!

Page 9
Tama: yayyy!!

Caribou: what is this?!! First it’s Poseidon..and now Pluton is in Wano?!
I’ll have to inform THAT PERSON about this as well!!!

【A few days later】
Wano people: Shogun! We are about done with the reconstruction planning for each region, and as for the budget….
Lord Shogun!!

Page 10
Momo: hey!! Zoro! Mind giving me a little lesson…
Luffy? Zoro?!
ONami?! Usopp! Sanji! Chopperemon!!

Page 11
Momo: Robin?! Franky?!
Bonekichi!! Jinbe?!
Where is everyone?!
Hiyori!! Do you know where Luffy and the others have gone?!
Hiyori: oh they have left…they have been saying goodbye to everyone since this morning..
Toko: It’ll be lonely without them!! Ahaha!!
Momo: what?!
(But..I haven’t heard anything!!)
Kin’emon: lord Momonosuke!!
Momo: K..Kin’emon!! Luffy has..
Kin’emon: I have just learned about it as well!!
They have informed Denjiro and everyone!! But why not us?!

Page 12-13
【Udon-Tokage port】
Law: Strawhat-ya, change your schedule! We are no longer in an alliance..we are enemies now!
Luffy: We have already decided we’re gonna leave today!!
Kid: well it sucks that we happened to chose the same day!! Let’s make sure our route is different!!
Log Pose is pointing towards three directions: Northeast, East, and Southeast!! Now choose!
Kid&Luffy: middle(east)!!
Law: Northeast!!
I’m all set then
Besides going Northeast lets you go the farthest
Luffy and Kid: what?!!
Law: picking the middle…what a bunch of kids…
Luffy: uwahhh!! I lost the draw!! Sorry everyone!!
Kid: East!
Usopp: either way it’s going to be dangerous!! The direction doesn’t matter, help out with the cargos already!!
Luffy: Man I’m an EMPEROR now, shouldn’t be losing stuff like this
Kid: you just have to say it huh!!
But the “emperor” that really pisses me off…is this guy!!

Page 14
Kid: The Genius Jester!! Buggy!!
Luffy: what is this?!!!

Page 15
Luffy: it’s Crocodile and Hawkeye!!
Zoro: what?!
Luffy: why is it like they are under Buggy now?!!
Zoro: …? No that’s not possible…I can’t imagine Hawkeye…
Law: it would make perfect sense to call him an emperor if he really did manage to make these two obey him
Luffy: but he’s an idiot…something is up I’m sure
Kid: looks like this company…Cross Guild has started placing bounties on Marine’s heads!!!
The marine is now also being chased eh They’ll also have to watch out for assassination from citizens too..!!
The world has gone through some big changes while we are taking our time in this closed land!!
I hope you’re all happy with your route! Once we leave Wano!! It’s back to going at each other’s throat!!

Page 16
Kid: what is this Trafalgar?!
Law: a rubbing of the Road Poneglyth
You have a right to it as well, and being in an advantage is too boring
Killer: just as I thought, Kaido has one as well!!
Kid: like the one we let one of Big Mom’s sweet commander stole
Killer: FaFaFa!! Kid! If we are still intending on joining the fight for One Piece!! We’ll have to be more serious about this!!
Kid: you want me to look for the guy with “burn scar”? There’re barely any clues!!
Luffy: burn scar? What are you talking about?
Kid: so you don’t know, we’re at an advantage then hahaha
Luffy: what?! Tell me then!!

Page 17
【Flower Capital】
Momo: Yamato!! Have you left as well?!
Yamato: Momonosuke-kun? I’m here!!!
Kin’emon: where? Oh on the rooftop as usual!!

Yamato: now then!! I’ve decided!! I’m going to where Luffy and his crew are!!
I’m going to!! Live like Kozuki Oden!!!

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