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One Piece SPOILERS Capitolo 1055

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Versione ENG:

- Chapter 1,055: "New Era".

- This week's Color Spread is "One Piece Film Red" poster drawn by Oda (with Luffy, Shanks and Uta).
- Chapter starts in the Flower Capital. Nami, Tama and Zeus are enjoying the party and the food.
- Outside the city, Momonosuke is beaten by Ryokugyuu. Yamato wants to go help him but Momonosuke insists that he must stay out of the fight.
- Raizou uses his technique "Ninpo: Maki Maki no Jutsu" to shoot a fire attack at Ryokugyuu.
- Ryokugyuu acts as if he's affected by Raizou's attack, but he is joking. Then he uses his technique "Bokarin" (Fireproof Forest) and breaks free from the flames.
Ryokugyuu: "You really thought you'd be able to defeat a Marine "Admiral" by relying on such an obvious weakness~~~~!!!"
- Ryokugyuu stabs Raizou's body with one of his branches and starts sucking out Raizou's nutrients.
- Kawamatsu tries to help him, but no matter how much branches and roots he cuts, they don't stop growing. Finally Ryokugyuu also catches Denjirou, Kawamatsu and Nekomamushi.
- Cut to the secret room of Kouzuki Sukiyaki. We see that a secret passageway (that leads to a long stairs) has been opened in the ground. Sukiyaki and Robin are walking down the stairs with Law.
- Robin asks Law if he has managed to follow her by her scents. Law says he's not a hyena. Law couldn't find Robin with her nakamas at the party, so he searched her.
- Sukiyaki says he never told Kaidou and Orochi about this passageway. But since one of the important members of the Beasts Pirates (Jack) is a Gyojin, it didn't took long for them to find the Poneglyph.
- Robin asks why a Gyojin would be able to find it. Sukiyaki tells her that it's better they see for themselves.
- Sukiyaki starts to tell the story of Wanokuni, but Robin interrupts him when she sees a light coming from a hole in the passageway.
- Robin asks what is that, Sukiyaki tells her that she can go to see what is there, because a glass blocks the water (since they are now depth at the bottom of the sea).
- Robin crawls through the hole, Law teleports with her. They both look through the glass and see the ruins of an ancient city under the sea.
- Sukiyaki tells them that ruins are the other land of Wanokuni that existed about 800 years ago. Thanks to it's not seawater, the ruins were preserved in good conditions.
- Sukiyaki explains what happened to that ancient Wanokuni country (this scene has some panels to show us what happened).
- A long time ago Wanokuni was a large country (about 3 times larger than present Wanokuni). It was located at the bottom of Mount Fuji, at the same level than the sea.
- Then at one point in its history, the great walls that surround the island were built and the country was locked up. Rain water began to accumulate and flooded the entire country.
- After that, rain water reached the highest part of the walls and the water began to fall from them creating the great waterfalls (the ones that Luffy or Big Mom Pirates had to climbed).
- People decided to abandon the original Wanokuni and built a new country around the mountainside of Mount Fuji, which is the current Wanokuni.
- The group reach the bottom of the stairs and Sukiyaki opens a secret door that gives access to a large room where the Road Poneglyph is. Robin says that if they can find one more, they will be able to travel to Laugh Tale
- Sukiyaki says that this room is in a high platform inside the cave at Mount Fuji's base. And deep below is the "Ancient Weapon Pluton".
- However Sukiyaki has never seen the weapon, so he cannot show Robin and Law where it is. Sukiyaki: "In order to bring "Pluton" out, the walls of Wanokuni must be taken down!! In other words... "Opening the border" is destroy the defensive walls of this country, and it means to "unleashing the Ancient Weapon"!!!"
- Robin wonders why Kouzuki Oden wanted to do something like that. Sukiyaki says he told them everything that has been passed down through the Shogun's family. Sukiyaki: "I don't know what Oden discovered in his journey at sea..."
- Back to the outside of the Flower Capital. Ryokugyuu's trapped the Red Scabbards and Yamato, and tells them they can't do anything against Mother Nature.
- Ryokugyuu says that if Kaidou had continued in the country, he wouldn't have come. Kaidou's reign is what kept enemies away from Wanokuni. - Ryokugyuu says to bring him "Straw Hat Luffy". When he takes his head, he will leave the country.
- Yamato tells Momonosuke they should ask Luffy and the rest for help, since they won't lose against a guy like this.
- Momonosuke (crying) says that he doesn't need Luffy's or Yamato's help, so he asks Yamato not to offer his help anymore.

Momonosuke : "You've been locked up in Onigashima all your life!! But now you're free!!! And that's why I want you to leave!!

Luffy, Zoro and the others... I can't always count on their help!! We have to be able to defend ourselves against all enemies... with the people of this country!!! We can't entrust it to those who are about to leave!! If we do... How can we protect our country in the future!!?"

- Ryokugyuu mocks Momonosuke's childish attitude and says that he never thought a dragon could be so embarrassing.
- In a moment of desperation, Momonosuke manages to shoot a "Bolo Breath" that passes through Ryokugyuu's tree body.
- The Red Scabbards and Yamato break free. Ryokugyuu looks at Momonosuke, he can't belive what happened.
- Yamato cannot believe that Momonosuke has mastered the power of the dragon. Denjirou says that Momonosuke is not aiming very well
- Momonosuke shoots another "Bolo Breath" at Ryokugyuu and burns his body. However, a small plant grows behind Ryokugyuu's burned body and Ryokugyuu grows up from it again.
- Ryokugyuu transforms again to continue the battle. Ryokugyuu: "Ahhhh.. Well, if that's the GAME you want to play... Fine, you Kaido Wannabe...!! I'm going to pierce you through the mouth to the tail!!!"

- Suddenly, black lightning can be seen in the distance. Ryokugyuu feels something is paralyzing him and he screams in pain. Ryokugyuu: "Wahh~~~~~~!!! Wait, wait!! That's Conqueror's Haki!! Who the hell are you!! What!!? Red Hair Pirates!? And they're this close!?"

- Red Hair Pirates' ship is still in the sea near Wanokuni. Some of their members ask Shanks to stop or all the rookies are going to faint.

Shanks: "I won't say you're despicable...!! But a Marine targeting those "new leaves" that just changed pirate history... I think is tasteless."

- As Shanks says, this we can see some of his memories together with Luffy (when Luffy cuts on his face), Momonosuke (as a child together with Oden), Hiyori (at her birth... and we also see a silhouette that seems to be Uta (the character from "One Piece Film Red" who is Shank's daughter).
- Then we see a close-up panel of Shanks. He's very angry.
- Shanks: "Are you that afraid of the coming "New Era"!!?"
- Ryokugyuu returns to his normal form and says he has no intention of fighting Shanks and his crew. At least not now. He finally decides to leave.
- Yamato celebrates with Momonosuke and the Red Scabbards. Momonosuke cries with joy.
- In the Flower Capital we see that Brook, Usopp, Chopper and Franky are still in the party with Hiyori and Toko.
- Outside the city we see that Luffy is sitting on the ground with Zoro, Sanji and Jinbe.
Luffy: "He's gone!! Shishishi!!"
Sanji: "Looks like they didn't need our help."
Zoro: "Momo, I'm impressed..."
Jinbe: "But that Haki has been impressive."
Luffy: "I know!! What was that?"
- At the end of the chapter, Luffy smiles while we see Red Hair Pirates' ship is moving away from Wanokuni sea.
Luffy: "Somehow, a familiar face popped up in my mind."


No Break Next Week


Chapter 1055 New Era

Momo: Yamato! stop!
Yamato: why?! Why am I not allowed to fight?!
Momo: You must stay out of this!!

Page 2
Raizo: Ninpo Scroll Scroll jutsu!
Fire Jutsu!

Aramaki: wahhhhh….!!
…Just kidding..
“Fireproof Forest”!
You really think you can take down a marine admiral by exploiting such obvious weakness?!

Raizo: ugh!!
Denjiro: Raizo!!

Page 3
Raizo: uohhhh!!!
Denjiro: Raizo?! Raizo!!!
Kawamatsu: curse it! No matter how much we cut them! They just grows back!
Cat: does he have any weakness?! Is mowing all of these really our only option?!

Page 4
【under the Castle: deeper below the secret room of Kozuki Sukiyaki】

Robin: you managed to follow my scents?
Law: it’s obvious I would be suspicious when I can’t find you with the others at the festival, don’t say it like I’m a hyena

Sukiyaki: watch your steps, mold grew all over here
I never told Kaido and Orochi about this route, but one of the lead performers…Jack is a fishman, so it didn’t took long for them to find the poneglyth….

Page 5
Robin: why does it take a fishman to find it?!
Sukiyaki: I shall let you see for yourselves!!
Law: just how deep does this go
Sukiyaki: let’s see, about several hundreds of years into the past…
Robin: where are these dim lights coming from?
Sukiyaki: they have glass blocks in them

Sukiyaki: now look…we’re already at the bottom of the sea…

Page 6-7
Robin: wha..?!! The country of Wano..on the sea floor?!
Sukiyaki: that’s land of Wano from about 800 years ago…the other one….
Law: what do you mean?

Sukiyaki: what it literally implies, although I have no knowledge of what happened that led to it either….
Since it’s not seawater, some of it is preserved
So, this is the story…
Long ago, there was the Land of Wano, within its boundary stands a great mountain, Mount Fuji.
Then at one point, wall surrounding their island were made.
And rain water built up within the wall…the people decided to abandon the old towns as they are no longer habitable….
They build new lands around the mountainside, and a new country was born

Robin: and that’s the current land of Wano!!
Sukiyaki: indeed

Page 8
Sukiyaki: and we have arrived…
Law: road poneglyth!!
Robin: Yes..this is the third more and we’ll be able to travel to Laugh Tale!

Sukiyaki: we are currently at a high platform inside the cave at Mount Fuji’s base
And deep below….

【Current Location: former land of Wano】

Sukiyaki: …is the ancient weapon “Pluton”!!

Sukiyaki: I have never lay my eyes on it…nor will I be able to show you right now

Page 9
Sukiyaki: in order to bring Pluton out, the walls must be taken down!!
In other words…“opening the border” is to destroy the defensive walls of this country, it means to “unleash/liberate the Ancient Weapon”!!!

Robin: opening the border is to liberate a weapon?! Why would Kozuki Oden want something like that…
Sukiyaki: I have told you all there is to what has been passed down through the Shogun family. As for what Oden learned from his journey at sea, I do not know.

【Near the Flower Capital】
Aramaki: mere humans can’t possibly hold themselves against Mother Nature!!
You still don’t get it do you?! If Kaido is here I wouldn’t have come!!

Page 10
Aramaki: a sad story really, but Kaido’s reign is what’s keeping enemies away from this country!!
Now bring me Strawhat Luffy!
Yamato: uwah!!
Aramaki: I’ll leave once I take his head!!

Yamato: let’s ask Luffy and the others for help!! They won’t lose to a guy like this!!
Momo: that’s not helpful! I won’t need your help either! Don’t offer it!!

Momo: pant pant
You’ve been locked up on Onigashima almost you entire life!! But now you’re free!!

Page 11
Momo: and that’s why!! I want to send you off!!
Luffy, Zoro and the others…I can’t always count on them for help!!
We have to be able to fend off all enemies on our own!!!
Momo: if we rely on those about to leave!! How can we protect our country in the future?!!
Yamato: Momonosuke-kun!!

Momonosuke: Now go away! Forest monster!! Leave!!!
Aramaki: woah woah acting like a brat now are you…?
To think dragons can be this embarrassing…
Momonosuke: I said, Leave!!!

Page 12-13
Aramaki: Kuohhhhh!!!
Momo: Gyaaaa!! I did it!!!
Denjiro: lord Momonosuke
Denjiro: My lord, that was!!!
Dog: that’s like Kaido’s breath!

Momo: Leave!! Leave!! Leave!!
Aramaki: wait a minute you…(gets blasted second time)

Yamato: that’s amazing! Has he mastered the power of dragon?!
Kawamatsu: he’s not aiming very well!

Page 14
Aramaki: uohhh!!
Damn…was he trying to burn down a town or what?!
If that’s how you want this to go….then fine!
You Kaido Wannabe…I’ll pierce through your entire body from mouth to tail!

Page 15
Aramaki: wahhh!!!
Wait wait!!!
That’s Conqueror’s Haki!! Who the hell are you..?!!
Red Hair Pirates?!! They’re nearby?!

Red Hair Pirates: Boss give us a heads up before doing that!!
The newbies are fainting!

Shanks: Marine, I won’t say you’re being despicable…!!
But targeting the exhausted “young leaves” that just brought changes to the history of pirates….
Shanks: …that’s a bit tasteless if you ask me….

Page 16
Shanks: Is the New Era…really that terrifying to you?!!

Aramaki: I have no intention of fighting you guys!! Not yet….!!
Alright fine!!!

Page 17
Luffy: he’s gone!! Shishishi!!
Sanji: no time for us to shine I guess
Zoro: I’m impressed, Momo…
Jinbe: but that Haki just now was very impressive
Luffy: I know right! Just what was that?
A familiar face popped up in my head.

Editor note: ship sailing toward the open sea

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